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Trading CFDs with a market leader


Saxo Bank’s online CFD trading platform creates the perfect workspace for trading a wide array of markets and assets – from Stocks, Stock indices, Commodities and ETFs to Forex with low margin requirements. CFD traders will find the full spectrum of tools they need at Saxo Bank.

What are the benefits of trading CFDs with Saxo Bank?

• Access global markets and diversify your portfolio, all from one platform and open the door to a significant liquidity pool.
• With no settlement or custody costs, CFDs offer a cheap alternative to classic investing. As leveraged products, you can trade CFDs without having to put down capital to fund your entire position.
• Flexible trading, low margins and sophisticated tools making trading easy and enabling you to react swiftly to price movements and market news.
• Hedge your portfolio; With CFDs you can go short or long to protect your wider portfolio from falling prices.
• Your Stock or Bond portfolio can act as collateral for CFD margin trading.

Trade with us and see your investment opportunities expand as we continue to add new instruments to our CFD universe.

Competitive margins & pricing

Making your money work for you 

Saxo Bank enables you to leverage your investment 50:1 when you trade Index Tracker CFDs.
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Stock Indices

Competitive spreads and high leverage on the world’s most liquid Stock Indices.
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Single Stocks

Low margin requirements to trade 8,000 stocks in companies from across the globe.
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Precious metals and other major commodities at high leverage, low minimum trade size and tight spreads.
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Forex with a difference – no financing or rollover, simply tight spreads.
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Exchange Traded Funds

Trade CFDs on over 450 leading ETFs and spread your risk as you enter new markets.
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Direct Market Access

Sending your orders straight to the market.
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New to CFDs?

Discover the basics of CFD trading, technical analysis, and learn how to create your trading strategy.
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Answering your questions about CFD trading with Saxo Bank.
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