• Trade Commodity CFDs with tight spreads, flexible trade sizes and high leverage

It’s now possible to trade in oil, grains, softs, energies, gold and other precious metals as simply as you trade any other CFD. Commodities CFDs provide direct exposure to the underlying commodity with all the benefits of trading a CFD.

A flexible instrument 

CFDs can be used to hedge or diversify your portfolio with commodities – without the large collateral requirements and lot sizes associated with Futures trading. The benefits are clear:

  • Easy and flexible trading with high leverage and low minimum trade sizes.
  • No commission or trading fees.
  • Automatic cash settlement.
  • One click trading to a wide range of global commodities.

Set your trading free - Avoid fixed lot sizes

With Saxo Bank you are not constrained by pre-defined lot sizes. 


For example, the minimum trade size of a US Crude Oil is 25 CFD contracts – that is 25 barrels of oil, compared to the Futures trade size of 1 contract corresponding to 1000 barrels. And if you prefer to trade 26 barrels – you can do just that!​

Access the most liquid commodity markets

Energy ​Agriculture ​Metals ​Softs Emissions​
Heating Oil Corn​ US Copper​ NY Cocoa​ Emissions​
UK Gas oil ​ Soybeans​ Gold​ NY Coffee​
Gasoline US​ Wheat​ Palladium​ NY Sugar no. 11​
US Natural Gas​ Live Cattle​ Platinum​
US Crude​ Silver​
UK Crude​

Transparent pricing

Trade on spreads from:

​Commodity CFD ​Spread mark-up
Gold 0.6 point
Silver​ ​3.5 points
US Copper​ 0.55 point​
UK Crude Oil ​0.05 point
US Crude Oil 0.05 point
NY Sugar No.11 0.05 point

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