• Trade directly into the market

Designed to provide professional traders with further choice, Saxo Bank offers you Direct Market Access ("DMA") on Single Stock CFDs to all exchanges. When trading CFDs on the DMA setup, all your Single Stock CFD orders are sent straight to the market.

Benefit from trading with DMA setup:

  • Trade inside the market spread.
  • Place orders directly into the exchange order book.
  • Participate in opening and closing auctions.
  • Trade directly off streamed exchange prices (upon subscription).
  • Access level 2 order book with full market depth (upon subscription).

DMA is built into all Saxo Bank's trading platforms

There is no need to access another platform just to trade CFDs on DMA setup. The capability is simply a configuration on your account.

Smart Order Routing gives you better execution

We utilise Smart Order Routing ("SOR") technology to increase the speed and quality of your order execution. Saxo Bank uses both the primary exchanges and secondary trading facilities such as the MTFs, ECNs, Dark Pools and other alternative trading venues across the globe.

Take advantage of Algorithmic Orders

Saxo Bank supports a wide range of Algorithmic order types for CFD and Stock trading. Algorithmic Orders - or Algo Orders may be placed as phone orders only.

Up to 20x leverage

At Saxo Bank CFDs DMA are traded under the same margin requirements as regular Single Stock CFDs starting at 5%.
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