Forex CFDs

    Trade major currencies online



Cost efficient, and simple to trade, FX CFDs open the door to all major currencies online. Commission-free trading at lower margins – only 0.5% with a small minimum trade size of just 5,000 notional value.
The benefits of trading Forex CFDs with Saxo Bank:
• All costs are built into the Bid/Ask spread.
• No financing charges and no need to roll CFD positions overnight.
• No exchange commissions.
• Minimal collateral requirements.
• Benefit from price movements in the underlying Futures contract with no restrictions on lot sizes.
A simple and flexible alternative to Futures trading

FX CFDs with Saxo Bank offer an attractive alternative to trading currencies in the FX market. See the difference with the Euro/US Dollar trades below:




CFDs​ ​Spot ​Future
Margin ​0.5% ​0.5% ​3.2%
​Min. trade size ​EUR 5,000 ​EUR 5,000 ​EUR 125,000
​Overnight Financing ​No ​Tom-Next rollover ​No
​Costs/Commissions ​Spread only ​Spread + commission on small trades ​Spread + Commisions + Exchange Fee
Expiration​ ​Yes ​No ​Yes
Stocks/Bonds as collateral​ ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

Forex CFDs track the price of the underlying Futures Contract. You can trade without fees or commissions, instead a simple markup is added to the spread of the Future.

Trade on spreads from:

​Forex CFDs ​Spread mark-up
Euro/US Dollar​ 1 pip​
Euro/British Pound​ 2.5 pips​
British Pound/US Dollar​ 2 pips​
Euro/Japanese Yen​ 2 pips​
Euro/Swiss Franc​ 2 pips​
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