• The World's Stock Indices at your fingertips

Maximise profits and gain exposure to the world's largest stock indices with minimum capital commitment and lower risk. Index-Tracking CFDs allow you to benefit from a diversified investment tool that combines leverage, low costs and ease of trading. You gain the flexibility for turning a profit in both rising and falling markets.

Index-tracking CFDs provide the ability to trade an entire stock index on real-time prices in one go.

Take advantage of trading index-tracking CFDs with Saxo Bank:

  • Index-tracking CFDs track the performance of a stock market index. They can be sold short, opening up the possibility of turning a profit in a falling market.
  • Maximum exposure with minimal capital requirements.
  • Trade 22 leading stock indices with a single click.
  • Very competitive Bid/Ask spreads with no additional commissions.
  • Cost efficient market exposure because index-tracking CFDs don’t require the buying and selling of individual shares.

Avoid limiting yourself to fixed lot sizes

With Saxo Bank, you can trade any number of indices without being constrained to trade pre-defined fixed lot sizes.

Aggressive spreads on Index Tracker CFDs

​Trade the following major Index Trackers:

​Stock Index ​Spreads from Leverage​
UK 100 ​1 point 50:1​
Germany 30 ​1.5 points 50:1​
​US 30 Wall Street ​3 points 50:1​
US Tech 100 ​1 point 50:1​
​US SPX500 0.9 point 50:1​
France 40 ​2 points 50:1​

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Margin requirement from just 2%

When trading Index Tracker CFDs with Saxo Bank you are able to leverage your investment 50:1.

For example when you open a EUR 100'000 position in the Germany 30 CFD that tracks the DAX index you only require EUR 2'000 in margin collateral.

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A regulated bank

Saxo Bank is a fully licenced and regulated European Bank specialising in trading - offering our customers the highest level of expertise and security.

It is why our retail clients have the largest average deposits in the industry. Why not trade with the same bank as the pros?


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