• Trade 8'000 Stock CFDs online

Trading single stocks as CFDs is a great way to trade in both rising and falling markets. Since CFDs are traded on margin, you have the ability to profit from even small market movements.

Global markets, flexible margins, world class execution

With low commissions and transparent pricing, Saxo Bank enables you to trade the global stock markets from a single, easy-to-use, yet sophisticated trading platform. Explore the advantages:

  • Trade 8000 Single Stock CFDs from the worlds leading financial markets.
  • Short sell stocks – the possibility of showing a profit in a falling market and for efficient hedging of current Stock positions.
  • Low margin requirements, allowing you to leverage your positions up to 20 times -6000 Single Stock CFDs with just 15% margin or lower.
  • Streaming prices give you under normal market conditions instant fills and, often, customised liquidity.”
  • Benefit from market-leading execution, delivered at the right price from a bank you can trust.

Transparent pricing

Saxo Bank provides Single Stock CFD trading on the best possible prices based on actual stock prices.

In a bid to bring greater transparency to the fast growing global CFD market, in September 2011 Saxo Bank became the first financial institution to publicly report CFD trades made on our platforms via Markit BOAT.

Take advantage of Smart Order Routing

Not all the liquidity of a stock is found on the primary exchange. In fact, sometimes up to half of a stock’s overall liquidity can be found on secondary trading venues - in Europe, these are called Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs).

At Saxo Bank, we instill the confidence that comes from getting faster order fills at the price you’re looking for. Our trading platform automatically searches all the trading venues where your stock trades, and finds the best price for you.

NEW! Direct Market Access

Accéder à aux CFDs sur actions avec Saxo Bank est extrêmement transparent et bénéficie de la liquidité du sous-jacent, étant donné que la couverture est toujours exécutée avec une base d’accès direct au marché (DMA). Tous les ordres sont acheminés vers les marchés réglementés est autres fournisseurs de liquidité via les ordres «smart routing »

Low margin requirements and commissions

Saxo Bank gives you the ability to leverage your investment in Single Stock CFDs up to 20 times (5% margin required) and 6000 stocks are available with only 15% or less in margin.
See all margin requirements

Trade CFDs during closing auctions

Your orders are automatically ruted to the exchange closing auctions. Closing auctions are supported by most European and Asian exchanges.

Algorithmic Orders

A wide range of Algorithmic order types for CFD and Stock trading are available. Algorithmic Orders may be placed as phone orders only.