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  • A market leader in Forex Trading

    Thousands of traders in over 180 countries choose to trade Forex online with Saxo. With them, we have become one of the industry’s largest online retail FX brokers.
    Today, we are proud to work with a broad range of clients from novice to professional traders; from small hedge funds to some of the world’s largest financial institutions.
    The currency market outpaces both the Stock and Futures markets combined, with an estimated USD 4 trillion traded every day. Access the Forex markets with Saxo bank and take advantage of:

    • Coverage of over 160 Forex currency crosses. Trade FX on Spot, Forward Outrights, Vanilla Options, Binary Touch Options and more.
    • We provide complete transparency on our competitive spread and we are proud to show our superior order execution statistics.
    • Award winning platform. No other online Forex trading provider can boast as many industry awards for their online FX offering.
  • Online Trading of Precious Metals online with Saxo Bank

    Saxo Bank offers an impressive 12 FX crosses in precious metals. Spot trade Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium; ideal for both long and short-term speculative trading.
    Spot Gold and Silver can among others be traded versus US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar. Platinum and Palladium both trade against the US Dollar.

    Precious metals – the power to:

    • Diversify an existing FX portfolio
    • Trade long or short on live streaming prices
    • Leverage your investment up to 50 times
    • Trade any size up from 1 ounce with all advance order types available

    Click here for a full list of our competitive Spot Metals Spreads.

    See all Spot Metals Trading Conditions.

  • Online Forward Outrights with Saxo Bank

    At Saxo Bank currencies can be bought or sold at a future fixed settlement date using FX Forward Outrights. Most Forex Spot crosses are available as Forward Outrights with live tradable prices available across Saxo Bank’s platforms.

    How do FX Forward Outrights work?

    Investors can take advantage of interest rate differentials between two currencies, and hedge foreign exchange exposure risks using Forex Forward Outrights. Using a Forward Outright to purchase a currency for a future date at a fixed price now, traders can avoid risky exposure to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

    Online Forward Outrights, an ideal tool to:

    • Hedge commercial risks and offset exchange rate fluctuations for a future foreign currency transaction.
    • Take advantage of interest rate gaps between two currencies.
    • Access a wide range of Forward Outrights on live tradable prices available across Saxo Bank’s platforms.
    • Select any value date up to six months (forward/ahead) (including broken dates).
    • Trade Forward Outrights from the same trade module as spot simply by changing the value date to the desired date.

    Interest Rate Differentials Trading

    Traders can take advantage of interest rate differentials between two currencies with Forward Outright trading. For example, trading USDCHF as a Forward Outright, effectively means speculating on four rates: USD interest rate, CHF interest rate, USDCHF spot rate, and the USDCHF forward rate – the rate used to determine the current price for the future dated Forex transaction.

    Hedging Exchange Rate Risks

    Multinational companies must hedge against volatility in Forex markets, which creates significant uncertainties for profits and capital. These risks can be mitigated using Forward Outrights to hedge foreign currency transactions for a future date at a Forex rate agreed today – thus exchange rate fluctuations are neutralised.

  • Trading Forex. Trading Ideas.

    With Saxo Bank you can take full advantage of a wide spectrum of free tools and applications. With us, you have everything you need to take your FX trading to the next level. Trade like a pro, using the tools of a pro.

    • Saxo Bank provides a bird’s eye view of the market. Our FX Open Positions and FX Open Orders application tracks where the market activity is, for example, you can see whether other traders are long or short in EURUSD.
    • Our FX Correlations tool is ideal for analysing the real price correlation data between currencies. As an added advantage, this data is combined with the Open Positions data to show how currency prices correlate with actual positions.
    • It is easy to underestimate the correlation between the FX spot market and the FX options market. As a leading market maker in the FX Options interbank market, Saxo Bank gives you a head start in the FX market. We provide you with insights to Market Pin Risk, Implied vs. Historic volatility, Risk reversals and even retail long/short positions ratios. For more information take a look at our introduction to all the FX Options Analytics.
    • You can find daily FX market updates from Saxo Bank's Trading Strategy Team in their blog, available at Tradingfloor.com. Why not join a community of likeminded traders and keep up to date with our trading specialists.
    • TradeMentor is Saxo Bank's educational programme providing an in-depth introduction to FX trading. All the tips and tricks to taking full advantage of our platform.
  • What is Forex trading?

    Forex trading is the trading of international currencies. Each trade consists of two currencies (called a cross or currency pair) where one currency is bought (long) and the other is sold (short).

    A trader speculates on the expectation that one of the currencies will increase in value in relation to the other. A successful trade correctly anticipates exchange rate changes between the currencies.

    Forex is traded on margin

    It is common industry practice to trade FX with leverage (compared to Stock trading for example) as currency exchange rate fluctuations tend to be relatively minor even during periods of high volatility. The trader opens a position by placing a small amount (called "margin") of the total nominal value of the position. Margin trading enables the trader to buy and sell positions with a greater value than the capital in their account.
    Margin Trading is a high risk activity where losses can be greater than the initial investment and may not be suitable for all traders. Ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. Please also refer to Saxo Bank's Risk Warning.

    A market leader in FX trading

    Saxo Bank has been one of the leaders in online FX trading since its foundation in 1992 and has grown to become one of the world’s largest FX houses. Our success lies in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art trading platforms, world class execution, customised liquidity and transparent pricing. Why you should trade FX with Saxo Bank.

    Getting started

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    • Watch and learn about Forex Trading with TradeMentor.
    • Get up to date with the latest from the Forex Market updates and read what our experts have to say.
    • Visit our Trading FAQ.

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