• Trade Bond CFDs with flexible trade sizes, high leverage and tight spreads

Bond CFDs provide a cost-efficient way for investors to trade on the evolution of the political risk that has overshadowed financial markets in the recent past.

Thanks to low margin requirements and small minimum trade sizes, Bond CFDs make it easy to hedge an existing cash bond portfolio or trade directionally on the evolution of interest rates.

Trade Bond CFDs today

With a wide range of European Government Bonds available as CFDs, you can easily trade the relative evolution of long-term interest rates between Germany, France and Italy (long one country’s Bond CFD whilst short another country’s Bond CFD).

For added simplicity, all trading commissions are included in the spread and eligible cash Bonds and Stocks can be used as margin collateral.

A great alternative to Futures trading

As you can see in the example below, the flexible trade size and the lower margin requirements makes Bond CFDs a great alternative to trading the Futures Contract directly.


​German Bund ​CFD ​Futures Contract
​Margin ​1% ​~2.2%
​Min. trade size ​50 indices ​1,000 indices
​Min. tick value (0.01) ​EUR 0.50 ​EUR 10
​Costs/Commission ​Spread ​Spread + Commission + Exchange fee
​Overnight Financier No​ ​
​Expiration ​Yes​
​Stocks/Bonds as collateral ​​Yes


Transparent pricing and flexible trade sizes

Bond CFDs track the price of the underlying Futures Contract. You can trade without fees or commission – instead, a small mark-up is added to the spread of the Future.

The minimum trade size is only 50x the index, compared to 1,000x included in 1 lot of the Future.

What’s more, you can increase your trade size by increments of 1 index with the CFD if you wish, instead of 1,000 with the Futures Contract.

Bond CFD​ ​Spread mark-up ​Min trade size
​French OAT (10y) ​0.05 ​50 indices
Italian BTP (10y)​ 0.05​ 50 indices​
German Bund (10y)​ 0.03​ 50 indices​
German Bobl (5y)​ 0.03​ 50 indices​
German Schatz (2y)​ 0.015​ 50 indices​
See Bond CFDs Trading Conditions

Margin requirement from just 0.50%

When trading Bond CFDs with Saxo Bank you are able to leverage your investment up to 200x.

For example when you open a EUR 100,000 positions in the German BOBL you are only required to post EUR 500 in margin collateral.


See all margin requirements 

A regulated bank

Saxo Bank is a fully licenced and regulated European Bank specialising in trading - offering our customers the highest level of expertice and security.

It is why our retail clients have the largest average deposits in the industry. Why not trade with the same bank as the pros?


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Product Risk

Danish banks are required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

A CFD is categorised as a red product as it is considered an investment product with a high complexity and a high risk. See also the 'Product Risk Categorisation' located under our General Business Terms.

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