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    General trading questions

Généralités​ sur le trading

Quels produits puis-je trader avec Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank propose une gamme complète de produits de trading, notamment:

  • Plus de 160 paires de devises (dont or et argent)
  • Plus de 8'400 CFDs sur actions, indices boursiers et matières premières
  • Plus de 14'500 actions à partir de plus de 29 places boursières internationales
  • Plus de 40 options sur devises
  • Plus de 175 contrats à terme
  • Des options listées sur les matières premières, les devises, etc.
  • Plus de 1'500 ETF/FINB et fonds en ligne
  • Une sélection d'obligations d'Etat, gouvertnementales et d'entreprise

Quels sont les coûts de transaction et les écarts proposés par Saxo Bank?

Nous vous invitons à consulter ici le détail complet des coûts de transaction et commissions pour tous les produits Saxo Bank.​

Quelles plateformes de trading sont proposées par Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank vous permet de bénéficier de différentes plateformes de trading qui incluent SaxoTrader, plusieurs fois primée, la plateforme Web modulable SaxoWebTrader, l'option SaxoMobileTrader et l'application SaxoTrader pour iPhone et Android. 

Tous les comptes Saxo Bank vous permettent d'accéder à toutes nos plateformes et de passer de l'une à l'autre quand vous le souhaitez.
Avec Saxo Bank, vous pouvez accéder à vos positions et ordres ouverts, aux données de trading en temps réel, graphiques et actualités des marchés à tout moment et où que vous soyez. 

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur les plateformes de trading de Saxo Bank.​

Where can I download the SaxoTrader?

If you already have a Live Trading Account or a Demo Account with us but need to download the SaxoTrader platform again you can do it here.

If you don´t have an account yet you can apply for one here:

Do I have to pay a fee to use your trading platforms?

No. There are no fees to use SaxoTrader, SaxoWebTrader or SaxoMobileTrader.

How secure is trading through the SaxoTrader?

SaxoTrader provides a highly secure trading environment using state-of-the-art encryption for communications with the bank.

SaxoTrader authentication relies on an RSA 1024-bit key generated and stored on the client workstation, and data traffic between SaxoTrader and the bank is encrypted using a RC4 128-bit session key.

Read more about security.

How do I get started with Saxo Bank's trading platforms?

You will find all the help you need to get started in the Quick Start tutorials in our Trade Mentor programme. You will learn how to tailor your settings to your own personal preferences, and how to enter orders and use real-time charts.

Click here for all Quick Start guides.

Where can I download Saxo Bank’s mobile trading app?

Saxo Bank’s award-winning SaxoTrader for iPhone and Android can be downloaded FREE from Apple’s App Store, and from Google Play.

Click here for more information about the SaxoTrader app.

Which products does the SaxoTrader app allow me to trade?

With SaxoTrader for iPhone and Android you can trade:

  • 160+ Forex crosses (including spot Gold & Silver and FX Forwards)
  • FX Options
  • Over 8,300 CFDs on Stocks, Stock indices, commodities and ETFs
  • 14,500+ Stocks from over 29 major exchanges
  • Futures from over 15 exchanges

SaxoTrader for iPhone and Android also enables you to log into your account, place and manage orders, and access real-time data, news and charts on the go.

I’m new to trading. How do I learn?

Saxo Bank offers you a free education programme, TradeMentor which covers all the basics you need to trade Forex and CFDs. Our online videos and tutorials provide the assistance you need to understand technical analysis, charts and much more.

Click here to access the TradeMentor program.

Does Saxo Bank offer any trading ideas?

As a Saxo Bank client you have access to our award-winning real-time trade idea generator, TradeMaker, available on all of Saxo Bank’s platforms, Trademaker provides Entry, Target and Stop price levels for trading ideas on Forex, Index and Commodity CFDs, as well as pre-populated order tickets for fast execution.

Click here for more information about TradeMaker.

What types of charts and indicators will I have access to?

Advanced charts are built into the SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader platforms, while basic charts are available on our mobile platforms.
Chart styles include Bar, HLC Bar, OHLC, Bid/Ask, Candlestick, Dot, Forest, Line, Line-Dot, Staircase and Comparative. Various technical studies are available, including Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Pivot Lines, Slow Stochastic and MACD.

Click here for more information about Saxo Bank’s charting system.

How does the Technical Analysis tool work?

Using the Technical Analysis tool you can identify possible entry and exit points for trades in support of your other investment research. The Technical Analysis tool can also be used to explore new trading opportunities using technical analysis and to set up alerts for Stocks or currencies, notifying you when a specific technical event occurs.

The Technical Analysis tool is available on our platforms under the News and Research tab.

Click here to read more about the Technical Analysis tool.

How do I subscribe to real-time market data?

To receive real-time market data for Stocks, CFDs or Futures trading, you must subscribe to the individual exchanges. This will incur monthly subscription fees for each exchange.

You can subscribe to real-time data with the Subscription Tool, located under the Account menu on Saxo Bank's trading platforms.

View Stock exchange data fees.
View Futures exchange data fees.

How do I access real-time market news?

Dow Jones and other leading news services provide free basic streaming news in a variety of languages, accessible through our trading platforms. More detailed news and analysis is available by subscription and subject to a monthly fee for each service.

Use the Subscription Tool located under the Account menu on the trading platforms to sign up for basic or advanced news services.

Click here for details on the newswires we offer.

Does Saxo Bank offer an Economic Calendar?

Yes.  We offer a free customisable Economic Calendar to keep you up to date with upcoming economic data releases and events around the world.

The Economic Calendar is available in the platform, under the News and Research menu. You can also to view it online here.

What are Stops and Trailing Stops?

Stops and Trailing Stops are order types which help you manage risk by minimising losses and locking in profits. 

Read more about Stop Orders and Trailing Stop orders.

Updated 1 August 2012