• Boost your portfolio with Contract Options from Saxo Bank


New and improved Options trading

Contract Options are an investment alternative that allows you to hedge your bets as you trade Options on gold, oil and other commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds and major stock indices.

Contract Options online at Saxo Bank enable you to take advantage of market uncertainty and changes in market volatility. By trading Contract Options you can successfully implement your investment strategy whether markets are rising or falling. Contract Options can even work for you as the markets appear to fluctuate with no clear direction.

Contract Options offer more trading opportunities

  • Directional plays can be leveraged with the advantage of a known loss potential.
  • Volatility plays – position your strategy for a directional change in volatility or for continued levels of volatility.
  • Hedge against price movements in the underlying assets of a multi-asset portfolio.
  • Opportunity for revenue growth.

Why trade options with Saxo Bank?

  • No minimum ticket fee or carrying costs.
  • No trading platform charges.
  • In-the-money Contract Options auto-exercised online at expiry.
  • Cross-product margin – Stocks can be used as margin collateral for Contract Options trading.
  • Multi-language service and support from Saxo Bank.

Volume-based Commissions

Traded volume - Contracts/Month​
Contract Currency​ 1-250​ ​251-1,000 ​1,001-5,000
USD 6.00​ 3.00​ 1.50​
EUR​ ​6.00 3.00​ 1.50​
GBP​ ​5.00 2.50​ 1.25​

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Trade on Margin

Contract Options trade on margin. The size of the margin is determined by the exchange and is the same for all traders. Depending on the asset you are trading you should expect to have to place around 5%-15% in margin.

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  • Learn more about the benefits of trading Contract Options with Saxo Bank.

  • Broad Market Support

    Saxo Bank gives you access to trade the most liquid Contract Options in the most interesting markets worldwide.

    Metals​ Gold, Silver, Copper​
    Agriculture​ ​Cocoa, Coffee, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Sugar, Cattle, Hogs
    ​Energy ​Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline
    Forex​ EURUSD, GBPUSD,​​ Other Majors
    Interes Rates​ STIRs, Gilt, Bund, Bobl, Schatz​
    ​Equity Index DAX, EUROSTOXX, FTSE,​ CAC, SMI, AEX,​ S&P500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, ASX, HSI ​
  • Trade Contract Options via the Options Chain

    Built into the Saxo Trader and SaxoWebTrader, Saxo Bank allows you to trade Contract Options through an industry-standard Options Chain.

    The Option Chain provides you with a great overview of the different strikes and maturities of the related underlying. You will find the maturities and strikes in the middle of the option chain. Calls are on the left and Puts are on the right. By scrolling down you navigate down the maturity curve.

    When the underlying is a future contract you find the first 3 maturities of the futures contract on the top of the option chain, and when the underlying is a cash index, like the Eurostoxx50 for example, the cash index is displayed.

    The number of strikes listed in each maturity can be changed from 4 strikes to 24 strikes giving you the perfect overview of your trading opportunities.

  • All types of Options are available

    Saxo Bank offers trading on Calls and Puts Contract Options. As defined by the exchange where the Options are listed, both American and European style Contract Options are available for trading with Saxo Bank.