Saxo Bank launches FX Options Board

Geneva - Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, today expanded its multi award-winning Saxo Trader platform with the launch of the FX Options Board, a new and innovative way to trade FX Options.
Saxo Bank's FX Options Board further strengthens Saxo’s offering, allowing investors to see standardised dates and strike increments and benefit from tight, competitive pricing. Traders will find it easier to navigate the most liquid strikes and maturities, and users will enjoy improved liquidity and a reduction in execution times.
Saxo Bank provides one of the most comprehensive and professional online FX Options trading offerings, supporting 40+ currency crosses. All strikes and maturities not shown on the FX Options Board will continue to be available with streaming liquidity through the FX Option trade ticket.
"Saxo Bank is committed to providing innovative products and delivering excellence in FX Options trading," says Edward Voorhees, Global Head of Derivatives at Saxo Bank. "The FX Options Board will revolutionise options trading for our clients and partners – smaller institutions and individual investors will be equipped with real-time trading information and prices provided on a cutting-edge platform. Such platforms were previously the privilege of clients of tier-one banks."
Edward Voorhees added, "We continue to see demand for simple and intuitive trading interfaces. We feel the FX Options Board will make trading options more attractive both to FX Spot traders looking to diversify and better control risk, and to options traders in other asset classes looking for exposure to the FX Market."

About the FX Options Market
The popularity of FX Options since the turn of the Millennium has been significant and impressive. Foreign Exchange is the largest, most liquid market globally. According to the Bank of International Settlements, over USD 3 trillion of volume is transacted daily, and estimates suggest the FX Options market generates well over USD 200 billion per day. As this market has quickly matured, there have been some marked innovations and efficiencies in the products, liquidity, price transparency and execution platforms available. With the credit crisis related market volatility, more and more corporations and investors are using Options as a much safer and reliable means of hedging and investing. Foreign Exchange Options have become an invaluable tool in the portfolio of the investor.