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Trade First Class - Trade with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. and use the profitable summer offer

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. offers a special, time limited summer offering to all new clients. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Summer Offer below.

How to attend to the Summer offer
A new client can profit from the summer offer by opening a new account at Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., funding it by the 30th June 2014 the latest and executing a certain number of trades or trading a certain number of Asset Classes (equities, cfd, fx, futures) within the first 60 days after the first funding was received.
Please see below table for more details on requested number of trades or Asset Classes. Please note that the new clients will only be enrolled in the offer if they confirm by email that they wish to participate in the offer. Further, having become a client of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., the new opened account must still be active 6 month after the first funding was received in order that the bonus of the summer offer remains definitely credited on the new client’s account. If the account is closed before this deadline, the bonus expires and will be deducted from the account before its closure.

Account Type Classic Premium Platinum
Trades (round turn) 5 5 5
Asset Classes 3 2 2
Time in days after account activation 60 60 60
BONUS in CHF 300 600 1200

Please click here for more information on the different account types.
Conditions of the Summer Offer:
The summer offer of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is only valid for new clients.

The new account needs to be funded by 30th of June 2014 the latest in order to be able to take advantage of this summer offer.

In order to profit from the summer offer, the new client has to execute a specified minimum number of trades or number of asset classes, depending on the type of the new opened account. The requested minimum number of trades (round-turn) or number of asset classes are up to the first funding as shown in the table above.
Example: If a new client opens a classic account and participates in this summer offer, he needs to trade either 5 trades round-turn or 3 different asset classes within the first 60 days after the first funding of the account.

The new client receives the bonus (as shown in the table) to his new account as a welcome gift when he fulfils all the conditions of the summer offering (timely funding, number of trades (round turn) or number of traded asset classes within 60 days after the first funding, account still active 6 month after first funding). The welcome bonus payout will be executed within one month after the last of the required trades has been booked or the specific number of asset classes has been traded. The bonus will be directly credited to the client’s new trading account. In case, the client closes the account within 6 month after the first funding and the bonus was already credited to his account, the bonus expires and will be deducted from the account balance before its closure.

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. reserves the right to examine every account opening and deny the opening of an account, if the account opening request does not fulfill regulatory or internal requirements. In such a case, the right to receive the bonus also expires.

If the conditions for the offer are not fulfilled or the deadlines of the offer are reached then the offer is no longer valid.

This offer is not valid in combination with other offers by Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. and it is only valid for one account per person.

By participating in this summer offering, the new client accepts and agrees to its terms and conditions as set out above.

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