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Online Stock trading with Saxo Bank

Considering trading Stocks online? Look no further than Saxo Bank. Our award-winning trading platforms open up more than 29 of the world’s major stock exchanges, bringing over 19'000 global Stocks to your fingertips. Wherever you’re looking to invest, trading with Saxo Bank is simple and affordable. Create and manage your Stock portfolio, all from one single, flexible account.

Trade with the pros

Saxo Bank provides access to industry-leading active trader tools. Unlock your Stock trading potential with our in-depth Equity Research, Stock Screener, risk management tools and world-class technical and fundamental analytics.

Your financial goals in sight

You know your financial goals; we can help you achieve them. Saxo Bank gives you the features and flexibility to bring your trading ideas to life. With us you can trade virtually any Stock from any market across the globe; managing risk is easy and when you believe a Stock is in decline, go short with Single Stock CFDs.​

Optimise your portfolio through the reuse of Stock investment collateral

Access margin trading activities including Forex, CFDs and Futures trading using your Stock investments as collateral.
See all  trading conditions
  • Enjoy the online Stock trading experience with Saxo Bank 

    Smart evaluation of investment risk versus investment potential is key to becoming a successful Stock trader. Saxo Bank makes success possible with direct access to the world’s stock markets; and a wide array of other asset classes also available to hedge and/or diversify your Stock portfolio – all from a single trading account. At Saxo Bank you can trade more than 14,500 Stocks, and 1,500 Exchange Traded Funds, FX, Futures, and CFDs on multiple types of assets.

    Shorting Stocks

    With Saxo Bank, you can short Stocks on over 7,500 companies using Single Stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference), traded OTC (Over the Counter) on our trading platforms.

    Shorting let’s you profit even as the market falls. Saxo Bank’s Index-tracking CFDs also give traders exposure to broader markets through the sale (long) or purchase (short) of entire indices – all at a single click. Intraday CFD trading of underlying companies means you save on overnight borrowing and financing costs. Read more about the benefits of CFDs.

    Free real-time prices

    Saxo Bank clients can subscribe to real-time data from all exchanges (one level or multiple levels); and for clients making at least four Stock trades per month on a particular exchange, Level 1 data is free. Read more under Exchange agreements.

    A choice of Multiple Order types

    Saxo Bank offers you a choice of multiple order types, including Market orders, Limit, Stop and Trailing Stop orders with GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled) features. More advanced Stock traders can also apply Algorithmic orders.

    Smart order routing

    We are committed to giving you the fastest and highest level of execution and Saxo Bank applies Smart Prder Routing to all Stock and Single Stock CFD orders. 

    Strengthen your collateral for margin trading

    Saxo Bank’s flexible multi-asset account lets you use a percentage of your investment collateral for margin trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs when you trade Stocks online with us.

    Live news for live traders

    Stay up-to-date with real-time financial news from some of the industry’s most trusted newswires – Dow Jones Newswires and Market News International – brought to you by Saxo Bank. Our MarketMovers tool also gives you an instant snapshot of the day’s biggest gainers and losers on 29 global stock exchanges. Read more about Stock Screener and Equity Research in the tabs above.

  • Selecting stocks for your portfolio is simple

    Saxo Bank’s Stock Screen, integrated into our trading platforms, enables the vital consistency required for successful Stock trading. Define your investment preferences and the Stock Screener will filter a universe of Stocks for your short-list of relevant instruments.

    Saxo Bank Stock Screener advantages:

    • Sophisticated global Stock screening of 14,500+ Stocks and 8,000 + Single Stock CFDs on more than 29 Stock exchanges across the globe.
    • Over 250 advanced screening criteria to enhance your Stock and CFD analysis, selection and trading. Stocks can also be filtered by country and sector.
    • Integral to Saxo Bank’s trading platforms, you can place Stock trading orders direct from Stock Screener.
    • The flexibility to create your own personal screening preferences or simply select from predefined profiles.
    • Supporting your online Stock trading with professional Equity Research from Saxo Bank’s Investors Discussion Board, Insider Trades and Market Movers pages

    Customised screening profiles

    Choose from a selection of predefined screening profiles, available from the Profile menu. Or customise the Stock Screener interface to your investment choices.

    2 easy clicks to screen, analyse and trade

    A Stock Screener tab can be found in both SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTraders Stock trading modules. Alternatively, it can be include as a module within existing platform tabs, e.g. Prices and Trade.

    Access Stock Screener at preferable rates

    Saxo Bank offers full access to the Stock Screener and advanced Equity Research for a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals) or equivalent.

  • Taking your trading to a new level

    Get the ultimate trading experience with Saxo Bank’s Equity Research analysis tool.

    This tool gives traders easy access to a broad range of general company information and fundamental data including consensus analyst ratings (Buy, Hold and Sell), target prices and five years of historical and three years of forward looking financial information.

    Advantages of Saxo Bank Equity Research

    • Analyse the potential upside  – and downside – of investment opportunities from across the globe.
    • Breakdown of company information, from general background to detailed financial analysis.
    • Comprehensively investigate investment opportunities and valuation multiples.
    • Peer comparisons for companies’ performance and fundamentals.
    • Be sure of the whole picture with easy access to peer reports.
    • Integration with Saxo Bank’s trading platforms and Stock Screener tool for intuitive and efficient Stock  selection, analysis and trading.

    Added market insight at no extra cost

    With Saxo Bank’s free widgets, online Stock traders receive even better value. Keep up-to-date with the world stock markets with Market Overview; MarketMovers lets you know who are the winners and losers. Key financial data, ratios and analyst consensus ratings at your fingertips with our Company Snapshot widget.

    Saxo Bank equity analytics and market commentary

    Take advantage of Saxo Bank’s Equity Team expertise to build your portfolio. Access free monthly insight into Stock market trends as well as their recommended companies. Keep ahead of economic data and market-moving events with Saxo Bank’s Economic Calendar.

    Low fee on access to Equity Analysis

    Saxo Bank offers full access to Equity Research and the Stock Screener for a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals) or equivalent.  

  • Sample Research Reports

    Click on one of the logos below to read a free sample research report from the Equity Research analysis tool.

     The Equity Research analysis tool gives you access to similar reports for around 11,000 companies from across the globe.

  • Advanced, built-in charting package

    Charts are a key instrument for the successful trader. At Saxo Bank you will find a world-class sophisticated charting package integrated into our trading platforms. External technical analysis tools, including the Technical Event® lookup and Technical Event® Screener are also provided to help you identify possible entry and exit points for trades, supporting in-depth technical analysis on your favourite Stocks.

    Advantages of Saxo Bank’s advanced charts:

    • Free charting package fully integrated into Saxo Bank’s trading platforms.
    • Charts are available on all 14,500+ Stocks.
    • Order management directly from the chart.
    • Adaptable to your personal preferences, with free form drawing and export functions.
    • 60 technical analysis indicators are available within the charting tool.

    Read more about  advanced charting



    Technical Analysis tool

    Saxo Bank’s Technical Analysis tool makes stock analysis even easier with automated identification and notification of changes in a Stock’s activity. Find new trading opportunities, set up alerts and receive notification of specific technical events.

  • Free features, tools and services

    We are committed to giving you true value for money. That’s why, in addition to our competitive online trading commissions, Saxo Bank offers a broad range of features, tools and services at no extra cost to clients who meet the minimum funding requirements.

    ​Direct market access to 19,000+ Stocks on 36 stock exchanges/85 trading venues ​Free
    ​Online triple access (desktop, web and mobile) to a single multi-asset account Free​
    ​Smart Order Routing for best order execution ​Free
    ​Advanced Charting Package ​Free
    ​Placing/amending orders via the phone ​Free
    ​Dedicated Client Trading manager ​Free
    ​Technical Analysis Tool ​Free
    ​Stocks portfolio as collateral for margin trading ​Free
    ​Economic Calendar ​Free
    ​Market News ​Free
    ​Account Fee ​Free
    ​Auto-generated monthly account reports ​Free


    Free live price data from all exchanges

    Saxo Bank offers live price data on all stock exchanges free for active clients placing four or more trades per month on a particular exchange (either Stock trades or Single Stock CFD trades). See Exchange agreements for details on live price data and how to receive your discount.

    Low access fee to Stock Screener & Equity Research

    Full access to Saxo Bank’s sophisticated Stock Screener and Equity Research is available at a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals). There are no activation charges and you can cancel your subscription at any time with no administration fees. For more information on trading conditions and commissions, and to learn more about using your Stock portfolio as collateral for margin trading, see Rates and Conditions. ​