Questions about Forex trading

What currencies can I trade with Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank has one of the leading online offerings with more than 160 different currency pairs.

What are the trading rates and minimum trade sizes?

Click here to view our Forex trading rates and minimum trade sizes for each currency pair.

What are the margin requirements for trading Forex?

Major currency pairs and your first EUR 300,000 of collateral can be leveraged up to 200 times. Additional collateral can be leveraged up to 100 times.

Click here for margin requirements for all currency crosses.

Does Saxo Bank support precious metal trading?

Yes. All of our trading platforms offer online spot trading of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Click here for more information about trading metals online.

When is Saxo Bank open for Forex trading?

Saxo Bank is open for Forex trading from Monday morning 05:00 local Sydney time to Friday afternoon 17:00 local New York time.

Where can I learn more about trading Forex?

You will find everything you need to get started using TradeMentor, our free online trading education programme. Accessible direct from the trading platform, TradeMentor covers everything from basic Forex skills to technical analysis and advanced trading strategies.

Click here to try TradeMentor now.

Can I trade Forex on my mobile phone with Saxo Bank?

Yes. Download our SaxoTrader app to your iPhone or Andorid-enabled mobile phone and you can trade our full Forex offering anytime, anywhere.

For more information about the SaxoTrader app, click here.

Updated 14.06.2012