Questions about Forex Options

What types of Forex Options can I trade with Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank offers a broad range of FX Options including over 40 FX Vanilla Options, including Gold and Silver, as well as Touch Options (One Touch and No Touch) on six of the most-traded currency crosses.

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How do I trade Saxo Bank’s Forex Options?

Saxo Bank’s unique FX Option Board offers automated trading of FX Options (both Vanilla and Binary Touch Options) on live streaming prices, with no dealer intervention.

With the FX Option Board gives you a clear overview of live bid and ask prices, across a broad range of maturities and strikes, all in one place.

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What are Touch Options?

Touch Options are an easy to understand alternative to trading Forex on spot or Vanilla Options. They offer a fixed limit to your potential profit or loss, and as such are the preferred choice for many people new to FX and equity trading.

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What are the trading rates for FX Options?

Our Forex Vanilla Options trading rates for Classic, Premium and Platinum accounts can be found here.

For information on Touch pricing and premium, please click here.

What are the margin requirements for trading Forex Options?

Click here for Forex Vanilla Options margin requirements.

Please note that Touch Options cannot be traded on margin.