Questions about Futures trading

What products can I trade with online Futures?

Futures trading with Saxo Bank gives you access to a wide range of products, from oil, energies and precious metals to currencies, bonds, grains, meats, softs and stock indices.

You can trade on live market prices from over 15 global exchanges, including CMEGroup, CBOE, Eurex and Euronext.

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What are the trading rates for online Futures contracts?

We base our commissions for trading Futures contracts on trading volumes. Thus the more contracts traded per month, the lower the commission rate.

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What are the margin requirements for online Futures?

Futures contracts are traded on margin thus a small margin deposit can be leveraged for a much greater market effect.

Margin requirements are detailed in our table of contract specifications.

Can I use my mobile phone to trade Futures?

Yes. Our award-winning SaxoTrader app for iPhone and Android-enabled mobile phones enable you to trade Futures wherever you are.

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