Questions about Stock trading

Which Stocks can I trade with Saxo Bank?

Over 19'000 Stocks from over 29 of the world’s major stock exchanges in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia are available to trade with Saxo Bank.

Click here for a complete listing of Stocks available.

How much does it cost to buy Stocks?

Click here for a complete list of our commission rates for each stock exchange.

Can I short Stocks?

Shorting offers you the possibility to make a profit if the price of a Stock falls.

With Saxo Bank, you can short Stocks on over 7,500 companies using Single Stock CFDs traded OTC (Over the Counter) on our trading platforms.

Does Saxo Bank offer Smart Order Routing?

Yes. Saxo Bank gives you the fastest and highest level of execution with Smart Order Routing to all Stock orders.

How do I research companies that interest me?

Saxo Bank offers you access to professional Equity Research reports on over 11,000 companies, including detailed fundamental data, analyst ratings and peer comparisons. Our Stock Screener will help you to find companies that meet your investment criteria.

These tools are available by subscription using the online Subscription tool found on our trading platforms at a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99.

We also support your online investing with free resources, including an Investors Discussion Board and daily analysis from, available from our trading platforms.

Can I transfer my existing Stocks to Saxo Bank?

Yes, you can transfer your existing stocks to Saxo Bank. A percentage of your Stock collateral can be reused for margin trading of Forex, CFDs and Futures on our multi-asset platforms.

Click here for instructions on how to transfer your securities to Saxo Bank.

For more information on reusing Stock collateral for other investments, please click here.

On which days are the stock markets closed?

Click here for a list of upcoming stock exchange holidays.

Can I trade Stocks with Saxo Bank using my mobile phone?

Yes. Our award-winning Saxo Trader app lets you trade Stocks, manage your portfolio, and access real-time prices and stock market news from your iPhone or Android-enabled mobile phone.

To find out more about the SaxoTrader app, please click here.

Where can I learn more about trading Stocks?

Saxo Bank offers you a free education programme, TradeMentor where you can learn all about Determining Share Values, Company Fundamentals, Charting Basics and more.

Click here to access the TradeMentor programme.