Withdrawal of funds

  • Withdrawal from your Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. trading account

SEPA : Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is SEPA participant via euroSIC.

Withdrawal Form
In order to withdraw funds from your Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. trading account, please complete the Withdrawal Form.

To process your request as soon as possible, it is necessary that the information submitted must be clearly legible and all mandatory fields completed. The form must be signed, dated and a scanned copy sent to Client Account Services via email to cas@saxobank.ch , by fax to +41 (0) 58 317 95 15 or via post to Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., attention “Client Account Services”.

Withdrawal requests are executed within two business days upon receipt. Please note any request received after 15.00 CET will be processed as if received on the next business day. 

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. accepts no liability caused by erroneous or inadequate information submitted by the client.

Clients must keep minimum cash balance of CHF 300 (or equivalent in other currencies) on their account to maintain a live account status. Attention is brought to that having a small cash amount (below the minimum cash balance of CHF 300) and not conducting any trading activities on an account may result in account closure.

Withdrawal Transfer charges
Withdrawal requests will incur a fee of CHF 20 / EUR 20 / USD 20 / GBP 20 (per currency). Additional fees apply for third party payments.

Third Party Payments
Please note a Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. trading account is not a retail or commercial bank account and therefore third party payments are not handled (01.04.2017).
Any requests for third party payments will incur an additional fee of CHF 50 / EUR 50 / USD 50 / GBP 50 and will take longer than two business days to complete.

Additional information regarding the reason for the payment and any relation to the third party is required.

Additional third party bank charges may apply on the payees side.