• Powerful performance at your fingertips

    Building on the legacy of our award-winning trading platforms, Saxo Bank's FX Options Board combines powerful performance with an intuitive interface delivering a unique view of the Forex Options market.

With this new and innovative tool you benefit from the powerful combination of online FX trading – streaming liquidity, leverage and access to the largest globally traded market – and the added flexibility that Forex Options provide to trade any market movement. Saxo Bank enables trading FX Options on live streaming prices and offers competitive prices and tights spreads.

A panorama of the most liquid FX Options

The FX Options Board provides a panorama of standard maturity dates and strike prices for FX Options for effortless navigation of the most liquid Forex Options.

Standardised dates mean customized liquidity and competitive, reliable pricing.

Activate your strategy

Simply scroll up and down strikes and across maturities to find your preferred Forex Option. Navigate horizontally, vertically or diagonally to find your next trading strategy. The Forex Options trade ticket, available from Saxo Bank’s platform, gives you streaming liquidity for other strikes and maturities.

Saxo Bank excels in delivering smart and dynamic access to award-winning Forex Options prices. Why not use the magnifier icons to explore our many new features and discover all that this board has to offer?