Saxo Bank launches SaxoMobileTrader for iPhone

Copenhagen - Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, today launched SaxoMobileTrader for iPhone tm. Offered to clients and partners the platform allows a user, with either an iPhonetm or an iPod Touchtm, to stay updated with the markets, view their account status, and fully manage their positions and orders across multiple asset classes.
SaxoMobileTrader for iPhonetm enables clients to trade wherever they are, using the familiar and easy to navigate interface, allowing for convenient access to their portfolios. 

Increasing investor sophistication combined with highly mobile lifestyles has meant that individual investors and traders are even more in need of accessing their portfolios on the go. The introduction of SaxoMobileTrader for iPhonetm follows the successful launch in May this year of SaxoWebTrader 2 and SaxoMobileTrader 2, the mobility-enhancing version of Saxo Bank's multi-asset class trading platform SaxoTrader.
"When commuting to work, out to lunch or just away from your desk our mobile services allow traders to always be connected to our full suite of products. The latest addition to our range of trading technologies further empowers our clients, whenever they need it and wherever they are" says Julius Heslet, Product Manager for SaxoWebTrader.
SaxoMobileTrader for iPhonetm as well as the recently launched SaxoMobileTrader for BlackBerrytm reflect the growing smart mobile device market. According to consulting and market analysis firm Canalys’ Smart Mobile Device Analysis 2007, smart mobile device shipments hit 118 million in 2007, up 53 percent from 2006 levels.
"We are witnessing a massive increase in the demand for smart phones and wireless handhelds. This is a trend we believe will continue to drive the development of mobile trading. With SaxoMobileTrader for iPhonetm complementing our recently launched SaxoMobileTrader for BlackBerrytm, we now cover the largest segments of the smart phone market", says Julius Heslet.
To sign up for a demo account, simply browse to:
Please note that users must have logged onto SaxoWebTrader at least once to enable their account for web & mobile.
Media inquiries: Julius Heslet, Product Manager for SaxoWebTrader
+45 3977 4709​